Sigma Beauty Brushes

What do you think this is? Well just like what the title says, they are brushes!!!!
No, not to paint the wall but they are make up brushes!!!

Bought them online because I need a good set of brush, after a lot of browsing and researching which brushes have the best quality (well.....) I decide to give Sigma brushes a go.

You can find them on and they ship worldwide!!!
They came like around 2 weeks after my order!!!

With this type I had tremendous difficulty on which colour to pick!!
OMG, they are gorgeous because they also came in black, in purple, in coral (like the one I purchased) and Aqua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(you also see here, the oval shaped box is also embossed with their brand "sigma makeup).

I wanted all colours but yeah tight on money LOL I only splurge when I have achieved something. Anyways, the bristles are so smooth, easy to use and with the package also came with all the description of each brush.

And you don't have to FREAK OUT, which brush does what because for each of them is engraved as to what they serve for!!!

For this set there's like 12 brushes and what intrigues me the most is that you can bring them ANYWHERE you wanna go because it is packed into this one big clipped tube.

Then you can separate your brushes like I do here (see picture).
It is just so convenient!!! Pretty, girlish and I separate my big brushes and my medium-small brushes to 2 separate parts.

So easy to use, easy to place anywhere and doesn't take much room and it is just worth it for a price where if you buy MAC brushes will cost you like hundreds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So check out their website!! Yeay!


PS: I will update a bit on my life!!
Well, this week I'll be having my final exam on wed, thurs and Friday and on Sunday I'm gonna have my TOEIC test.

What is it with all these qualifications test in Japan? They're strict and sometimes too much concentrated about the brain - brain - brain, maybe that's why the people have poor human relationship skills...

It is a good thing to be a book-smart, but to survive and be happier, you gotta be emotionally-smart as well!! If not you'll end up ALONE!!

Peace out.. smoochessssssss mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh


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