1 week ahead

Sydney... Sydney... Sydney...
SYDNEY .............
I am already back in Sydney!!!!! Had a reunion with my high school friends and boy I was surprised to see 2 other peeps who I haven't seen for a few years......

Update about me:
To be honest, I am currently happy because Japan is recovering FAST but I guess the trauma by my fellow Japanese will stay forever in their memory.
ME too, I had severe nightmares but I believe we all will progress to a better state, my nightmares lessened and just want to enjoy my life here in Sydney for a bit.

Since my arrival on Tuesday, I had a decent reunion and spent lots of time with my family. My sis, my Mom and me went round to few restaurants in Sydney and just had the best days.

The atmosphere in Sydney is FAR lighter than in Japan... Japan's atmosphere is heavy because of some reasons, that's just one thing you have to experience. *NB: not because of the natural disaster thing*.

Sydney walkers are just so free, to the point where I have to say, every one treats everybody else as if their own family a bit TOO much.
You know, in eastern culture, we are so much cultivated to RESPECT and BEHAVE so much. (manners)
I feel this is another thing I have to deal with: reverse culture shock.

But apart from that, I am just lucky to be here, everyone needs to be at a crossroad at one point and CHOOSE.

With the things I experienced up till this moment, I know that God is greater than anything.
Humans can PLAN whatever THING they want to plan, but no one knows what GOD plans for us.
in the end, people will say "God is unfair, He killed 3000+ people in this tsunami thing etc"
I know how it feels, life is unfair afterall...

Because of this, I lost what I have rooted in Japan, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H..I.N.G...
But, when I see the bigger picture, this disaster helps us to be more HUMAN.
Solidarity, Understanding, Tolerance, Giving without Return....

THey are things that you can never buy with money.

So, in Sydney, I just miss people who I had lots of time with, can't wait to see them.
In the meanwhile, I figure it is pointless to be in touch with someone who doesn't want to keep in touch with you.........
I got to let it go...

Japan, I pray you to recover FAST and be humble. You are a nation of intellect and care about details SO MUCH to the point of not being OPEN.
Not many people will understand you but do not let misunderstanding gets in our ways...
Talk and being open helps but that's my culture not yours and I understand....
Find a way so that other people not always trying to understand you, because that's selfish.

These are personal opinions, people have their own thoughts...

PS: i miss Japan


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