Escaping the Earthquake Tremor in Tokyo

Just a little update about the 8.8 Magnitude earthquake that occurred on the Friday of the 11th.

The first sign was actually in the morning when I began my final test \in my Japanese school in Shibuya.

Then it went for a long time then it stopped.

2nd time (the big one!!) happened when I was in the subway on my way to the hospital @ Shimurasakaue.

It was real big and all these obaachan started panicking, one of them tried to talk to me but since she was panicking I just went quiet. There's no use to panic in this time.

The train driver informed us to go to the street level and all the handphone signals were down.
Not only softbank BUT ALL. I couldn't contact call anyone.

I saw the trees swayed, and I just went dizzy.

Oh by the way, when I am typing this, I am actually in the middle of a 3 magnitude scale earthquake. *phew*

The building which I live in has so many cracks and a big CRACK behind the building.
There were cracks on the walls of the stairs................
The gas was off automatically but thanks to Yaya and Tantan and Hoshino, we all managed to get hot water. WOOHOO

THe funny thing was that, I believe God lead me to RYOGOku, my iphone was dead and I almost had no idea where I was.

Somehow, I was given signs when I was in Shimurasakaue (which I dont know where it is) about the buses that I shud board. I and the others were blessed enough to get on board the bus while many passengers couldn't even get on board.

Eventually my phone DIED in Asakusa Kaminarimon (Asakusa senso-ji temple).
I went there with my friends during New Year.
But i m bad with directions... I was so confused, but I looked at map directions and follow the little voice inside my heart....

I could not stop praising God for leading me the way to the bus transfers, standing in the bus almost for 4 hours.
The traffic was crazy.

Out of all, I was given the opportunity to circle around our little Tokyo. Because with trains, You don't usually get to see the little streets in Tokyo hehehehe
So I was enjoying it. LOL

My feet were killing me actually!!! I was kind of wearing a 2-3 cm heels. not that high but if you stand for 4 hours following the bus' breaks etc, they will get swollen.

When I arrived in Oakhouse, my friends greeted me and hugged me because they were so worried about me.

I was the 2nd last one to arrive in Oakhouse because everybody was ready with their packed bags LOL

I was looking so pretty with my lovely eyeshadow and a cute smile and because of this earthquake, I had to erase them all LOL.
My friends outside Japan called me and texted me non-stop and given me prayers... maybe like 40 of them.
They care so much about people in Japan, but specifically about me.
I guess the impression I made on them lasted forever in their mind. hahahahaha
I know, I am a good girl, unlucky for those who wanted to separate from me.....................
But my arms will still open though for those who hurt me. This is just who I am.

I also heard that many couples got divorced during disasters like this. See? Love alone won't last if you have problems.
Love + commitment = lasting.


Anyway, back to earthquake, I was not able to talk to my family and my friends in Tokyo especially, but thanks to Viber... an application for IPHONE, made communication available even if you are overseas.

I called my Tokyo friends to check if they're alright.

But one person remained in my mind until now.
I wonder if he is okay...............................................................................
I wonder if his family is alright................................................................
I hope when I see him, I can still see his smile........................................
I hope God protects him and his family because I don't even know where he is right now.......


Amazing thing, my room was actually pretty alright, only my makeup stash that were on the floor. hahahahaha

I know, awesome ey?

But my neighbour's room, it really looks like a 8.8 magnitude wreck of a room LOL
When he saw my room he said "yours look like it's been hit with a 3, but mine is like the real 8" hahahahaha

So I said "hahaha yea it's just that there is a guardian angel, guarding my room" LOL

Another news.... my dad requested me to come back to Sydney for good.

The End.


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