Have you ever known someone for several years, say, almost 5-6 years, almost rarely in contact with you, only met twice-three times REAL LIFE and rarely talks to you on the phone.
they know your phone number and actually STALKED YOU and TRIED to contact you non-stop!!

It is not that I am the one who is weird.
You know I just came back from my beloved Red Sun country, it is normal to ask like "how are you, are you okay"

But not like "Hey, oh youre back in Sydney, you want to come to this seminar, it teaches you about life..."

Then called you, smsed you, called you, smsed you...
I said to em "I am doing fine for my life course, what I need right now is catching up with my friends in Sydney, if we're doing catching up then it's cool cos i havent seen you for like years".

Then this person denied catching up with me instead more excited if I could go to the place that was being talked about on the phone.

Seriously I am deadly scared because this person knows where I live, my phone number, my other networking stuff...

I just don't want ...... to show up in front of my door and grab me / kidnap me, OK im being paranoid, but whatever, I had an almost similar experience back in Indonesia.

A caller called the wrong number but he fell deeply for my voice and called me every night when I was in my home country. I know how it felt to be stalked around.... this is freaking me out...

Neway, Im going back to Japan soon.
I hope TOKyo is alright now and I miss my housemates, dunno how they are doing. ...


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