Friday, September 2, 2011

The new Japanese Cabinet

Congratulations to the new Prime Minister: Yoshihiko Noda.
I am going to list the cabinet who was announced on Friday.

Chief Cabinet Secretary: Osamu Fujimura

Foreign Minister: Koichiro Gemba

Defense Minister: Yasuo Ichikawa

Finance Minister: Jun Azumi

Economy, Trade and Industry Minister: Yoshio Hachiro

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister: Michihiko Kano (retained)

Justice Minister: Hideo Hiraoka

Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister: Masaharu Nakagawa

Health, Labor and Welfare Minister: Yoko Komiyama

Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister: Takeshi Maeda

Reconstruction Minister: Tatsuo Hirano

Postal Reform Minister: Shozaburo Jimi (People's New Party) (retained)

National Strategy Minister: Motohisa Furukawa

Internal Affairs and Communications Minister: Tatsuo Kawabata

Environment Minister, also in charge of the nuclear crisis: Goshi Hosono (retained)

Government Revitalization Minister, also in charge of Civil Service Reform: Renho

Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission: Kenji Yamaoka

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I am not fond of following Japanese politics let alone Australian ha ha ha But, I kind of want to upload their new cabinet line-up.

And, I wonder how long will he last and what kind of contributions and changes will he make to this super country? :D

Just came in on today, a picture of when Naoto Kan officially leaves his office on Friday. He was given a flower bouquet, don't you think he looks really happy as if he won a Lotto? ha ha ha .... This is maybe his happiest face during his office years. LOL

Awww... I wish you good luck in your future endeavours, Mr.Kan.

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Japan Australia said...

Love you new header :)
What do you think of the new cabinet?

Japan Australia

MellonCook said...

Hi Japan Australia, thank you for commenting on many of my posts, I truly appreciate your responses on my posts.

I think Noda definitely has some of the most life-changing actions that directly impact most of the common Japanese people, not only exclusively which create more reactions either domestically or internationally.

As for past politicians, people can always detect the movements, whereas the current Japan needs more radical changes that can see positive outcomes.

This may not seem to be more positive, depending on how people perceive.

But right now, Noda seems to have lifted up the electricity restrictions which return many of the enjoyable lifestyles most people have.

I really do like his radical changes but I would also like to see another alternative (supporting) plans if he decides to set such radical outright movement to mark his entrance into the parliament.

E.g. he can relieve the restrictions but what action can he do on the future of energy conservation or better shoENE technologies etc.

I hope Noda shows a good example, good leadership even though many portray him as a leader without charisma. :D

As long as Japan recovers and I know it already has on its way.