Random thought #2 refugees

Currently, politics is what has been crossing my mind for a few days.
Every time I read an article on the wisdom of our current PM in Australia, my blood boils.

I know there's always 2 sides to every story and not every person tells the truth.
But really, here is my take on PM's decision to swap children and adult refugees to Malaysia in exchange with 4000 skilled migrants.

This, is only a short-sighted type of action that I see from her and her new upcoming tax policy on carbon emission.

On a segment of Today's Tonight or Current Affair I can't remember which channel that will go on air tonight, they will broadcast about foreign traders (and they put Asian face) which significantly questions Australians whether foreigners (Asians that they portray in the TV) actually do provide better, cheaper, faster service than the locals (white Australians).

If there is many Australians dislike foreigners, like how I was often abused when I was a kid because I am not white, WELL....look what the government has done to educate the Australian minds. (well not only Australia, discrimination exists in all parts of the world! not just skin but even status :D)

What our PM is doing right now is depicting that Asians actually have skills and if the PM cabinet wants local Australians to think that 'foreigners' are not threatening local jobs, then why swap with an Asian country anyways?????????????????????????

This carries on with the media. Sure I have no idea about the hidden agendas behind the 2 governments.

The problem is, it is the leaders that educate the mentality of the citizens on how they welcome or unwelcome the new or future or past arrivals.

Even if the Malaysians do arrive, they will be just treated like outsiders but fortunately they have skills and that's it.

This is a short-term solution, yes, but there will always be more and more asylum seekers coming to Australia and what will Gillard do? Will she keep on doing the same thing?
Will she make agreements with India next? Or China? Or Philippines?
Why not Germany? Why not swap with England? Why not with Switzerland? So silly...

I do not get the logic with PM and her short-sightedness.

How about the refugees in Christmas Island, they felt as if they were stuck in a bird cage. Wanting to be free. It even costs $1000 to replace a light bulb on that island because it is so remote and no electrician so they have to ship everything from sydney. *a true confession from someone who works for the detention centre management*

Why can't Australia cultivate these refugees and make use of their strengths and power instead of confining them in a steel prison?

I am sure that when people took refuge and flew out of their countries for safety (or other reasons), they are already willing to stake their lives on the journey itself to reach Australia.

Instead of shipping kids or their many hidden talents to another country, we can actually educate these kids to be the future bright citizens no matter where they come from.

Sorry if I stray away from the topic, but really, what the PM is seeing is only the short-term sight. I know Australia is a young country in contrast to America or England, but exchanging these people and treating them like container goods sound morally and ethically wrong.

Why not use the money to educate, clothe them, put them into traineeships and may even build the detention areas like christmas island as an area where diversity can flourish for the future. We just need to give them a chance, of course with good screening on their backgrounds.

It is the young generation and also cultures that diverse the country, not just technical skills, where is humanity.

What ever the future that holds for Australia, I wish God leads this country to become smarter, have high morals and ethics, and yea, lower the australian dollar for a bit may be good to some extent hahaha It is just getting too expensive.

I know I am just a normal blogger, I am not a student of politics let alone a lawyer.
Just a commoner who sees what the media, PM's words and judgments to create a better environment for the future of Australia.

Politics is always complicated, yes.
I know I can only yap yap yap yap, but seriously, balancing the good and the bad is never an easy task for any leader. We can't please both sides, right?
I grew up in Australia, I still love Australia. Please be well ... :)



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