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Guys, I will post a blog about 2 absolutely amazing artists, both males, from different continents.

Why do I like Pitbull?
  1. He always has amazing bodacious dancers, not the skinny scrawny ones.
  2. His songs are always dynamic, upbeat and dang hot.
  3. His interview sessions are always very energetic, funny and very multi-cultural in how he speaks about his songs and himself.
I always have a thing with guys that have long black hair, with big muscles like gorillas, cool but funny at the same time. But, PITBULL is different. He makes me believe that there are many men out there who still love curvacious women just like my friend said "bon-kyu-bon" women. LoL.

Here is his interview from the AMA.

Next, is GACKT. Ah, he is just my typical guy. But, as a Japanese male artist. He is not too skinny, he's tall, he's a perfectionist, he has lots of pet dogs, great white teeth (shark? LOL), deep voice and looks totally CUTE CUTE CUTE. HE SEEMS PERFECT.

These guys are the type where ladies should be careful though. From most of my experiences, perfect-looking guys usually have the deepest darkest secrets because they don't show their true self most of the time. ha ha ha
But anyway, enjoy his prank interview from the Yellow Fried Chicken reporter-conference. Damn funny....

Random blog. hahaha


Japan Australia said…
Love the new header. Very cool! Gackt is very popular in Japan with the ladies :)

Japan Australia
MellonCook said…
Dear JA,

Thank you for your comment.
I have heard about Gackt since I was in high school, he's been around in the show/music biz for ages hasn't he?

I have just recently fallen in love with him from a TV bangumi during the new year or end of year in 2010/2011.

He was so confident and believed in himself when he was wine tasting. LOL and how he has a sommelier in his house.

He's a bit cocky, but his coolness is definitely a chick magnet. ha ha ha

Do you like him too, JA?

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