Day 1.

Kontak pagi + malam= 0.

Nice girls are always taken for granted.
Nice boys are always taken for granted.

Nice girls are played around by playboys.
Nice boys are played around by playgirls.

When a nice girl meets a nice boy, nice boy will take her for granted stating she is boring and not challenging.
When a nice boy meets a nice girl, nice girl will take him for granted stating that he is boring and not challenging.

But, when a real man meets a real woman, both have grown up mentality, they can accept each other, sacrifice their own egos for the better harmony.
They fully understand a joke is just a joke.
Even if they have disagreements, both with a cool head reach AGREEMENT, knowing they have to sacrifice something in themselves in order to be together.

I do not even have a reason why I am in love with you.
If you love someone because of a reason, then when that reason no longer exists in that person, you will find yourself locked and trapped.

You will never be able to love someone with a reason.

I am in love with you because you are you.
I do not know why you are so blind, I wish you well, I want to take care, but you are not letting me into your world.

Someday, if you decide to buang aku, you will know the true meaning of true love, don't know when you will realise, but I can bet 100% you will understand but only when it is sudah telat.

I will have no regrets, because I tried instead of running away. And even so, I forgive you.

Love is forgiving, love is patient, love is not selfish, love covers mistakes, love does not joy when someone is hurting, love is compassionate, I think I have written this in a letter.....

When you are in a relationship, the first person that you should tell everything is your partner, the person you chose to be in a relationship with.
Not your friend.
Not your parent.
So, if you think that your partner does not listen to you, you just gave up and turn your head to somebody else?
How easy is it?
If every one is like that, then no marriage can last in this world.

It is better to have a fight and let your feelings out no matter how long as you do not become quiet.

When you are quiet, that is when the most dangerous situation has come in. That means you have given up... given up on us.
The moment where we all say 'I dont know anymore". Is not that the end?

If any of you is in this kind of situation.
I hope you give yourself time to yourself.
Just be quiet, and think.

Is this person not good enough? We all know no one is perfect.
How NOT GOOD is this person?
If we continue, can we reach a win-win solution?
We tell what we don't like, what we like, and work it out.
Something needs to be sacrificed.................
That is effort.

I believe NO KIDS should enter relationships.
Relationships are only for mature adults.

I don't know about many of you, but I know what I want.
I know I am ready to take on any consequences what the world has to offer.

It is true what the bible says "Love is strong like death, even water can not quench it. Even if you sell your house for love, no one will respect you".

Love is Strong.
But how strong is your partner with you or you with your partner?

Love is Deep.
It is too deep to describe my words.

So, I hope with Valentine closing in, those of you in a relationship can become stronger.
While those who are single, choose wisely.
While those who are in the middle, being hurt, believe that no matter what happens, happens for the best.

Same goes for me too, after everything that I gave, I received. I appreciate. I say thank you.



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