New Week

After almost a week, I can gradually accept that things do not go according to my plan LOL
We all know why... there is somebody out there who thinks that "IF YOU execute THIS PLAN, YOU MIGHT BE DOOMED mell, DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOOOOOOOOMMM" LOL

So, yesterday, I spent almost 80% of my time making Japanese resume, the last 2 bits that I have not done is Shiboudouki and cover letter.
But I will write them by this weekend I know it.

And I had a great time talking with my family and GOOD NEWS, my friend is coming on Sunday. So I have plenty of fun stories to hear from her. YEEHAA, I wanna strip off her XXX STORIES lolllllllllllllllllllll

What is my plan for today?
Well, to be honest, AGAIN, if things were the way they were, I would be......doing this n that...

My friend asked me to go to this lady's house to make food for Sunday's Valentine's event.
I mean, I have no problem, I like cooking and talk in Indonesian and usually they use some Japanese Vocabs so I can learn something LOL.

Yeah, at least I can take things off my mind and just accept things....
I guess our hot blood heads got in the way LOL we still have young blood you know "YOUNG n DANGEROUS' LOL u know that drama, that Hong Kong yakuza/gangsters drama, AWESOME. LOL

Tomorrow or even today will be great, who knows who I might meet... for future purposes? lol



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