Day 3:Thursday

I finished my exam today.

And for the 4th consecutive day, Sobu Sen's densha became my silent witness for my sadness...

If the densha can talk and act, I am sure it would hug me tightly.hahaha

My current thought:
Why are you letting me all alone waiting in the darkness...

My future thought:
I hope tomorrow is better than today.

What happened today:
A friend of mine asked me out for lunch, he is much older than me, a very nice man. He works for Nissan auto-maker company and...He can talk non-stop LOL I felt better ....
I think people who work alot seemed to be single somehow LOL

There is nothing eternal in this world, good things must always come to an end.
But at least, the good deeds will always remembered by God because humans are forgetful.


PS: i am back to those days where I will sleep in on Val'z day :D


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