The Quiet Days


The worst thing that one can do is do nothing at all. I am sick to the bone of doing the 'nothing'.

By the way, the picture is showing you all, that Australia is in the middle of Winter.
The trees shed its leaves, leaving it like eerie tree skeletons. Some trees are not deciduous hence they still have their leaves in tact.

Weird enough, there is the supermarket trolley, a pretty common sight in Australia. People leave their trolleys behind on the street side.
Unlike in America where homeless people use trolleys to store their things, I rarely see one in Australia pushing their trolleys, occasionally I see several but not often.
They usually sleep in parks with their blankets or in the train station tunnels, sheltered from the wind, rain and the cold bites, thankfully, not froze bites. Australia's not that cold in the cities.

I took this picture on my way to see my friend on Monday, we promised to go shopping in a factory outlet in Homebush. This whole job hunting is stressing me out especially when all the recent graduates GRADUATED at the same time.

YES, I am competing with those fresh out of school graduates, younger, maybe much smarter than me. LOL

So, why not go out? This friend of mine, loves shhhoooppppinnnngg and of course, she is her own managing director in Jakarta, going back and forth from Sydney-Jakarta and it is that 'time around' when I get to see her and hang out.

So she picked me up in her driveway and off we went to Homebush with her almost empty gas tank. The gas arrow has pointed itself towards the letter 'E'.
But, as easy going as she is, she said to me "Mell, even though the tank symbol lights up (*which means VERY EMPTY*), we can still drive up for another 20 km, no worries, just have a look out for petrol stations and we'll be fine".

Easy for her to say :P

We ended up couldn't find any!! I was nervous, cold sweats began, who knows she might tell me to push her car from behind when it stops. ha ha ha ha h a jadi tukang dorong mobil, untung mobilnya bukan kayak truk atau van, mampus kan gua kalo iya?

So, we finally arrived @ the Homebush factory outlet located at Homebush Bay Drive.
We began our hunt.

Cut the story short, we ended up with this much in her trunk.
That is... TOO MUCH!
And, they're not mine, all hers ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha But I love her shopping spirit, never gives up!

Not long after, we were dead tired, walking for 5 hours, we moved onto another factory outlet, this time @ Birkenhead Point. HA, more shopping? yes you are right. I did not buy any, just in case you were wandering.
I like this one a lot better as you can see from this next photo
It is open space and, at almost 5, the shops are closing. S.U.X.
When I was in Japan or Indonesia, shops close at 9 or 10, but Sydney, okay, maybe no more complaining.
I am in Australia anyway.

So, time to go, and time to take a picture of both of us (sideways).
ha ha ha ha! I can't describe 2 princesses are out and about in an almost empty gas tank car.

Oh, for your information we spotted several petrol stations, but one petrol station deceived us.
It looked as if it is open but actually, it's close for renovation. S.T.U.P.I.D.

But, we managed to refuel, @ seven eleven. Thanks God for 7/11, at the end it is the Americans that saved our journey, now, happy car and its driver and passenger can finally speed safely on the m4 motorway back to the city of Sydney.

Last picture, just a photo taken when it was dark. Lights... lights.. full of hikari (light).....
................................... under the bridge.

Thanks for reading!!



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