Sunday, July 31, 2011


What a cute baby boy, he is my cousin's first born son. Congratulations!
This guy gave me little *winks* every time I take a look at him in his crib, you're gonna be really motteru, dear boy ha ha ha

It took us around 40 minutes by car from Sydney city to their house, not bad, the road was perfectly clear, thanks to NavMan GPS navigation system for easy tracking. It worths the money obviously.

So, what's the story today? Well, we usually bring food when we come over to someone's house, it is always this similar custom when you come to somebody's house especially in Asian culture. ;)

Usually, you bring fruits, but this time, we brought BBQ King's roast duck, BBQ pork and roast pork from Chinatown hahaha THey love their PORK Gewddd... :D :D :D

I gotta take pict of the cute boy, he and me are futago (twins), just separated by age LOL
How similar are we? hahaha

And so, it was my turn to wreck their house LOL my cousin's house has this big orange tree in their backyard, I harvested them and got 4 oranges with my own hands! It was really fun so I gotta do the victory jump!

YEE HAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And, to prove it .. here we go another photo..

You know what I look like that lady justice ha ha ha
hahaha..,, I;m being silly. I had a good chat with my aunt as well, and took nice pics because the weather was being kind to us, as you all know, we had an almost non-stop OOAME (heavy rain) like 1.5 weeks ago. urghhh..... Gotta thanks God for all the good and bad things in life you know.

Anyway, the baby started crying every now and then maybe he was saying "mommyyy, me want milk but hold on I gotta poop and fart at the same time...".. i heard Ethan farted. LOLLLL

Oh man, babies are cute. But I think I am not ready to have any kids because I watched the childbirth video.
Oh gosh, my knees went really weak, I don't know .. I don't want to think about it.. haha ha haha..

Anyway, I notice that Australian house is really different, the regular houses always have this awesome beautiful front yard with pretty bush and flowers.
You know, it's kinda rare to see this type of lawn when I was in Japan, the houses in Japan are cramped together and I almost never saw any WIDE yards at all except maybe in the countryside?

But yeah, around 4-ish, we went back to the city, leaving them in peace while baby Ethan was sleeping soundly with his belly full of milk. I was hungry too.. lucky Ethan, no one spoon fed me anymore when I say "IM HUNGRY MOM" cos my mum will say "Just eat laa..." hahaahaahha
Ah, kids are so innocent..... adults are so.... the exact opposite, we're more complicated and lotsa things to think about when we become adults.

I hope lil Ethan will grow up to be a responsible, mature, brave, God-loving man, loyal and faitful to his family.

GOd bless you Ethan.
Peace out!!

SO I leave you with almost sunset picture just after we pass the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Hope you all had an awesome Sunday.

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I love new born babies. They are so cute!!

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