Fellow random readers, as you can see from the right hand side of my blog, I have several projects, well, goals that I pursue. Just to keep me motivated, entertained each month.

For number 1, I just became a member of Virgin Active Australia located @ Midcity Mall level 2 on Pitt Street! I love that gym, enormously big, lotsa space to move and of course it has good views of..... "men" to cruise my eyes. hahahaahaahha just joking. They are all muki-muji just the way I like how Exile moves in their MV. hahaha

Only 2 days in and I gained 100 grams. haha My body is all sore, btw, I gain 100 grams must be because Im building muscles too!.
Fat is lighter than muscles hahahahahaha *ini mah alasan*.
So, I hope to see at least 4 kilos weight loss in a month starting from this monday.

For #2,
I am making a Chinese Cupidboy Cross-stitch. This is the progress I've been making since Sunday.
That's the hat!! I love cross-stitching, but you gotta have good eyes and lotsa patience though.
I will keep you updated with this!

#3, JobHunt

For this, I have applied several but hasn't gotten any replies yet. But it's OK. I prefer to wait for the best from God and just be grateful when I haven't gotten any job.
Remember to "be grateful for everything". This way I am MORE positive.

#4. Amazing Race

My local church, IPC Randwick (Indonesian Presbytarian Church) is having a local youth event called the 'Amazing Race', from what I heard of the last year's one, they had to run around but I mean this is Winter. haahahahahahahaha

Can't imagine running around in winter, not only that, they will throw in some little activities along the way to complete. Last time they had to eat sunflower seeds like LOTS of them. haha
Jadi jagoan kupas kwaci gitu. Yg menang pendetanya. LOLLLLLLL ketauan deh kalo ngemil sukanya makan apa. hahahahahaha

#5. Singing
This will be in August. But yea, my voice is not improving at all because I no longer sing in the church. But I will do this competition for the sake of giving my praises to the Lord. hehehehe

Okay, hope you have fun reading my blog this time. More updates and good news coming.
GBU all



Japan Australia said…
Sounds like you are pretty busy at the moment. Good luck with the gym and it is true!! Muscle weights more than fat, so you have gained more muscle!!

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