Eye-Makeup Failure Terminologies LOL

Panda... Panda..

This will be a very short entry about Japanese vocabularies that many girls like me found very annoying when we put our eye make-up on our delicate eyes.

Apparently, there are many words that describes one's mishap. LOL Which one do you usually ended up in after applying your eye make up? Mine is definitely #1, #2, #4, #10.

But us girls, I guess we can't really live without make-up, well at least I can't. If I don't wear make up, I blush all the time .... so embarrassing.

So I cover my face with make-up to hide my imperfections, not to exaggerate anything, really ;)
So check out the words below:
  1. にじみ目nijimi-me Oozing eyes: Makeup was applied well, but after a while it all started to run.
  2. パンダ目panda-me Panda eyes: Blinked too much and…
  3. アシン目(トリー)ashin-me (tori-)Asymmetric eyes: Left and right eyes don’t match
  4. ヨレ目yore-me Wrinkly eyes: Drew the edges of the eyes poorly
  5. 黒い涙目kuroi namida-me Black tear eyes: Cried and the eye shadow ran
  6. ひじき目hijiki-me Seaweed eyes: Tried layering on but it backfired
  7. 腫れ目hare-me Puffy eyes: Used pink eye shadow and ended up like that
  8. 宝塚目Takarazuka-me Takarazuka (theater) eyes: Got carried away and put far too much on
  9. 盛り目mori-me Served-up eyes: Just ended up over-emphasizing my eyes
  10. 遅目oso-me Slow eyes: Just took too long doing my eyes
  11. ヒラ目hira-me Flat eyes: My “Eye Putty” (glue to make eyelids doubled or rounded) lost its adhesion.
Taken from whatjapanthinks.com !!

I think Lady Gaga does not have any problem with any of the disasters whatjapanthinks.com has gathered, she ultimately cleared all those problems away with the ultimate make-up, the PANDA EYES.


Have fun smiling at least ;)


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