2011 Hairstyle!!

HAPPY TANABATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So sad I can't watch Fireworks from Sumida River. :(( and no yukata...

(Translation: for women, hair is their crown).

Before and After.. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hha h a ha ha h ah a h a

Much shorter, much more styled.
Before unhappy, now happier.
Past, then future.

I only had wash, cut, blow.
The hairdresser (Ayako-san) from Shinka Make up and Hair in Gallery Victoria even taught me how to use hair wax. ha ha ha

I asked whether having fringe is suitable for my face shape. She said no, it will make me look bigger and fatter.
So, in the end, I don't have any fringe ha ha ha ha just some layering.

Side view, as you can see when you use the hair wax, it holds and styles the ends of my hair.

I guess it needs really strong hair wax.

I was looking around for some Japanese hair wax but mostly are for guys but thankfully I found one.

The brand is Sexy Girl, I used to have their hair cologne that I used to spray on every morning when I was still back in Tokyo ha hah aha

But anyway, it is good, I still loved my hairstyle when I had it cut by Chie from a salon in Harajuku.
I got kind of interviewed after getting out of there, but oh well, as long as you have a cute and nice personality, no matter what hairstyle you have, you are still cute and beautiful ha ha ha ha

Okay, thanks for reading my blog..

Level 2, The Galeries 500 George St. (Opposite to the Queen Victoria Building: Same level as Kinokuniya Bookshop)
Sydney NSW 2000 [View map]

To book: 02 9283 3220

Mon to Wed10:30 - 20:00
Thu to Fri11:00 - 21:00
Sat10:30 - 19:00
Sun10:30 - 18:00


Additional story:
Shinka is a Japanese hairsalon, their clients are mostly Japanese, hairdressers can speak English but don't expect that you can converse with them and talk about politics or scientific inventions.

Anyway, I think it was easier for me to convey what I want to say in Japanese than English that my friend's hairdresser asked whether I am Japanese or not to the hair washer (whom I talked with) and at that time was doing my friend's hair. The guy said "jya nai" (means no) .
My friend told this story afterwards.

I am glad that I am a foreigner, even tho I may look like East-Asian (I am SOUTHeast ASIAN) because being a Japanese is much harder than you think, the unwritten rules are a lot and scrutinizing. Apart from that, their pop culture and technology inventions are still #1. he he he


Japan Australia said…
Happy Tanabata!!

Did your wish come true?

Japan Australia

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