After 1 week?


If you read my previous post, I wrote about my cross-stitch project. This is where I am up to, I finished the hat. I had to re-do some again and again because the DMC thread tangled together and I had to snip off the ends for un-even-ness. Is this even a word? LOL

Anyway, I did many things last weekend.
I participated in an Amazing Race game and guess what, my group is the winner. LOL
YAY!! THE VICTORY JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm 2nd from the right).

We had 2 Pit stops. One started off in Central Station (finished with 5 challenges) and in the University of Sydney (5 challenges).

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you know Teh Botol Sosro or simply put, a tea bottle. yes, we won that. LOL quite an unattractive idea for a prize give-away but I got the rewards that I want even more, FRIENDS!!

So many exciting things like how Nadeshiko Japan won the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011, they should be VERY proud and become a symbol for recovery and SPIRIT no matter if their country is in a mess, it will recover!!
To celebrate it, I ate a german bread called "Soccer Bread". LOLLLL
There you go LOL well, it looks really cute. With raspberry and custard filling. YUmmmmm...

I also watched Harry Potter, the last movie , the END, fin, owari, selesai, finish! LOL
Finally they put an end to HP. In the beginning I think they are fine for kids to watch but towards the end, I think they're getting scarier and scarier that I don't think I will let 12- years olds kids watching it.

Seriously it should be rated M+. It's too scary or maybe it's me who's a scaredy cat. LOL
But I want to post something, I took a picture with Voldemort! ha ha ha ha ha It's rather blurry but yea, as long as you know it's 'you -know who'.
yeehaaa.....!! He's so white well, cheers to your wand with my Coca-cola LOL

Oh yeah, I am addicted to this song called Pon Pon Pon by

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ ! (KYARI PAMYU PAMYU)


This is the video!!
Warning: lotsa repetition, techno voice, if you're not a fan, it'll cause you headache.
HOWEVER, the MV is very cheerful and very colourful, but she looks childish. I prefer artists who are cute but sexy at the same time.
But Japan always has this 'cute' image. haha I must say, it is really catchy. I will end the post with this video hehe
Thank you for reading!! mwahhh


NB: 就職活動のニュウすはFujitsuに断れたが、大丈夫です。頑張ります!  :D


Japan Australia said…
Congratulations Japan!! Some great news to cheer up the nation. Let's go all the way and get the 2020 Olympics for Tokyo!!

Japan Australia

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