Week 1: August + Winter = Brokenheart

Welcome to the 1st week of Uni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, not for me though.
I'm entirely free, doing nothing, just swaying my legs, watching my little fishy who is also alone coz his mate is dead :P (yea blame me for not cleaning the tank sooner!) :p

But, since I miss uni so much, I will still type the Weeks of uni in my blog.
Currently, I have been mowing somebody's lawn.
I've actually been keeping in touch with my fellow classmates and lecturers and tutors.
I'm trying to go back to the gym because I've been sick for almost 10 days now.
I'm trying to re-learn my guitar skills.
I'm trying to skate-board, no big stuff like doing tricks, just wanna cruise around with skates and practice in Matraville. But, I'm afraid if I skate on one, it'll break. I weigh a ridiculously 185 pounds man and I'm 5" 4" tall!!! RIDICULOUS! *zap* like in Harry Potter to 150 pounds. hahahahaha I wish.

And, Im trying to chase up on my exchange advisor in regards to my stupid yellow form which I did freakin stupidly enough. STUPID booga. lol

I hope I can sort out the yellow form then the visa thing to Japan.
I heard from my friend that his Certificate of Egibility is having some problems in the Japanese immigration in Japan.
I guess mine as well?

But I have 2 months until my program starts and his is only 1 month away and still no certificate of Egibility.
I'm more worried for him tho. haha

Anyway, more updates:

Still trying to lose 5 more pounds in the gym. CAN I MAKE IT? YES I FREAKING CAN.

Okay, what else? Well, Im still obsessed with make-up.
But since I get money allowance (without limit), I don't want to abuse it.

Instead, I may just spend it on clothes.
Coz, my waist now has gone down from 34" to around 32".
*clap clap clap* Congratulations to me! hahahahahaha

All my jeans are so loose that I can just slip through without unbuttoning them + unzipping.

Be grateful everyday!!


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